Baby Preparation

If you are expecting a baby then it is safe to say that life will be changing for you and of course, for any canine companions. You can learn how to make this adjustment as smoothly and safely as possible by preparing ahead of time and, enabling your dog for positive interaction with your new arrival.

Canine Companion Training Ireland uses a comprehensive approach and focuses on key training topics in our specialised Baby Preparation consultation service. We help to prepare you and your dog by using proven training and behavior modification methods and by giving you the skills and guidance needed for successful ongoing training and management.

Baby PreparationTopics covered include:

  • How Dogs Learn & Training Principles
  • Dog and Baby Introduction
  • Environmental & Management Protocols
  • Body Handling & Sound Desensitization
  • Canine Body Language & Communication
  • Obedience Training
  • Games, Toys and Interactive Play
  • Addressing existing Behavior Problems
  • Addressing your Dog’s Needs and Basic Requirements


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“I can honestly say that we have benefited tremendously from Sara’s skills and Cuba’s behaviour has undergone
a noticeable transformation. Most importantly, I am more comfortable about bringing our baby home.
I would highly recommend Sara to anyone who wants a happier, healthier pet and household.”

Mary & Terrier X Poodle, Cuba