Committed to building mutually rewarding lifelong relationships between dogs and humans

Canine Companion Training Ireland helps to solve current behavior problems, prevent unwanted behaviour from developing and teaches you the essentials for your new addition whether you have an adult dog or a puppy.

This is achievable through an understanding of what your dog is communicating and how to motivate your dog, through correct identification of the nature of Behavior Problems and, in the teaching and practical application of scientifically proven training and behavior modification methods.

It can be challenging coping with your dog’s behavior but there are many ways to resolve behavior problems and improve your situation. Training topics and behavior problems covered can be found in the Behavior & Training section.

Puppy Training
Obedience Training
Behaviour Problems

Founder, Certified Companion Animal Behaviorist & Professional Dog Trainer, Sara Levy-Taylor, uses modern, motivational and reward based training methods for positive long term benefits. Owners will learn how to maintain their dog’s positive behavior by working to realistic goals and incorporating training into their dog’s daily routine in a practical and enjoyable way.

Canine Companion Training Ireland is recommended both by Clients and Veterinary Surgeons covering counties Cork and Tipperary.

“The dogs have improved enormously, I feel I now have a bond with them, more control and they look to me rather than being totally interconnected and dependent on each other.”
Grainne & West Highland Terriers, Rory & Finbarr